colourful jewellery

Make that big statement with colourful jewellery

Though diamonds have been the rock of choice for many centuries now, the modern jewellery buyer is a tad more daring in their tastes. This has led to a renewed demand for sapphires, rubies and emeralds, while previously unheard of stones, such as tourmalines and kunzites, are also now hugely popular.
Yet wrapping yourself up in an armour of eye-catching accessories can actually be counter productive. When it comes to coloured diamonds, the old rule of ‘less is more’ could never be more applicable. One single, well-chosen piece is all you need to make a bold statement that will have every eye in the room on you. But how do you make the right choice? Here are a few key pointers.

Know the latest trends
While you do not have to stick rigidly to whatever the modern style book tells you, a bit of knowledge about the foremost trends can help you bring your look together with an extra dash of knowing flair.
Right now, lavish pieces are very much in vogue. For example,colourful chandelier earrings, once thought the height of ostentation, are one of today’s must-have glamour accessories. Choosing a pair must be done with wisdom and caution, however. With a big, bright pair of earrings dangling beside your face, a sleek and neat hair style is essential.
Know the designers
There are lots of innovative designers out there working with coloured jewellery, all doing something fresh with the form. Kenneth Jay Lane’s approach is markedly different from that of, say, Lanvin or Monica Vinader, so it is well worth investigating them all to find a designer that suits you best.
Space them out
To ensure you get the most from your colourful jewellery, avoid wearing two pieces in close proximity. For example, a red sapphire gold bracelet and pear-shaped ruby ring are both gorgeous pieces that, individually, will bring an elegant wow factor to your outfit. Worn together, however, they will detract from one another’s impact.
Mix and match on your arms
A stack of red, yellow and blue bangles can be a delightfully audacious way to fire up your style. The current style for mixing and matching coloured bracelets gives you plenty of room for
experimentation. One trick to give your combination a smoother blend, however, is to break up the brighter pieces with gold or silver.
An attention grabbing piece of coloured jewellery can be the perfect thing to make a bold statement with your look. Check out the big designers, keep your choices tasteful and, most of all, find a combination that really expresses your style.